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About Us

At Wealth Enhancement Group, we believe we offer a fundamentally different approach to planning for retirement. Our firm was founded on the belief that all hardworking individuals, families and business owners should have access to the same level of knowledgeable expertise, sophisticated solutions, dedicated resources and unparalleled service typically offered to the ultrawealthy, enabling you to relax and enjoy your life now and throughout retirement.

Since the mid-1990s, we’ve based our organization on one principle: do what’s right for the client. By putting you first, we help ensure that our advice is always in your best interest, and that your financial future is based on your values and goals.

More than 15 years later, the basics remain.
•We believe a team-of-specialists approach delivers better results than a single financial advisor can offer.
•We believe independence from Wall Street and a client-centered approach to financial services are good for clients.
•We believe the long-term partnership we create with clients gives them confidence about their financial future.

Finally, we believe the most successful plans begin with identifying a set of values, which is why we take the time to get to know you­ — your values, your goals, your objectives — long before we begin to formulate your financial plan. As such, we’ve identified our main values as an advisory firm so we can continue to deliver on our mission.

We firmly believe that your probability of success increases when we have a thorough understanding of you, not just what the numbers on your statements say. Our first meeting is an opportunity for us to understand what’s most important to you, so we can help make sure that your financial objectives are in alignment with your core beliefs.