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About Us

Arlington Heights School District 25 serves its community proudly. Our vision, Together Today to Transform Tomorrow, is a way of daily life and is felt by simply stepping foot inside one of our buildings. Our world is ever changing and we want our students to be comfortable innovating and adapting. Our vision provides us two lenses, the lens of today and the lens of what is to come in the future. District 25’s students, staff and administrators embody this vision and pass it along throughout the Arlington Heights community.

District 25 serves the central portion of Arlington Heights, with seven elementary (K-5) schools and two middle schools (grades 6-8). We open our doors to just over 5,550 students and just under 850 staff members, every day. Students and teachers are encouraged to be the student/teacher they came here to be.

The District believes in a student’s ability to personalize his/her learning, all while exploring mathematics, literacy, science, social studies, world languages, the fine arts and technology. District 25 believes in a mindful and purposeful learner, and that shows up in the way technology is integrated into our learning. Our middle school curriculum includes instruction in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Digital Arts & Design, and Communication Media Arts classes as well as with our Drama, Music, and Art classes.

Arlington Heights is in our roots. We recently polled our entire staff and found out that 41% of our staff currently lives in Arlington Heights. District 25 has a strong tie to this community, and that drives our passion and desire to want to give back.

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