James J. Bertucci, Equitable Advisors

James J. Bertucci, Equitable Advisors


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About Us

Investment Advisory and Planning Services include:

• Pre and post Retirement Planning to help individuals and families create and implement strategies for the accumulation and income distribution phases of retirement.
• Pre and post Inheritance Planning to help individuals and families make wise decisions based on their goals and objectives.
• Investment Portfolio Management using independent research to provide our clients with portfolio analysis, monitoring and rebalancing.
Insurance Services include:
• Providing guidance for the purchase of the proper insurance coverage. The goal is to minimize your financial exposure to risks which could create a financial loss.

I started my career in 1988 and have regularly attended certification programs to stay on top of my field and develop my professional skills.

My experience, education and professional affiliations have fostered my practical approach to offering pre and post retirement and inheritance planning. First, we consider the specific financial goals and investment objectives of the client. Next, we work together to formu