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Mitchell Marketing Management has been serving a wide variety of clients since 1998. There are many marketing tactics available to businesses today, but not all may be right for you. We always begin with a thorough evaluation of your business and what you want to accomplish. Building a strategy upfront allows us to then choose the right tactics for you and monitor the success of each. We offer services including branding, advertising, campaign development, copywriting, creating and managing websites and social media platforms, video production, podcasts, press releases and more. We create annual calendars, then use the right tools to track and evaluate monthly and quarterly results to maximize your ROI. We have worked with local names such as The Peoples' Bank of Arlington Heights, Metrolofts, Lavelle Law, Tri-Merit, Saint Viator High School, SALUTE, INC, The Wing Street Residences, and many other notable clients in the area. Our goal is to always make your name front-of-mind for your potential customers. Founder Jim Mitchell has also been active in the community, serving on boards for Metropolis, Saint Viator High School and Marquette University.

Despite having been in business for more than two decades, we stay current on marketing trends and tools. Our tradition of success is rooted in excellent planning and communications, effective creative development, and outstanding client service, but we are always looking ahead to see where your customers are looking and shopping to make sure you are visible to them.

We are happy to provide a free consultation and introduce ourselves to you to see if we can help meet your marketing needs and growth objectives.


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