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Hey Nonny is a music venue and a friendly neighborhood bistro. The music venue presents ticketed concerts five nights a week in Chicago's best intimate listening room. Hey Nonny presents the best Chicago and touring musicians playing all kinds of music: rock, country, folk, blues, jazz, classical, zydeco,and reggae. It's something different every night. Hey Nonny has a separate bistro room, serving inspired craft cocktails, local beers, and a tasty array of scrumptious snack and meals made from the best Midwestern farms and producers have to offer. Chef Tony H's menu is interesting for foodies, and wildly satisfying for everyone. You don't have to be going to a show to eat at Hey Nonny. Most people visit the Hey Nonny bistro just because it is energetic, friendly, fun and delicious. On Friday afternoons, Hey Nonny presents its HeyDay Happy Hour with live music in the bistro. Weekends from 10 am to 2 pm, Hey Nonny combines its two rooms for the Northwest Suburbs' most entertaining live music brunch -- the Bluegrass Brunch every Saturday (starting April 30) and the Jazz Brunch every Sunday.


  • Intimate Music Venue, with ticketed concerts 5 nights a week.
  • Northwest Suburbs' Most Innovative and Friendly Neighborhood Bistro.
  • Most entertaining brunches in Chicago, with live eclectic music every Saturday and live jazz every Sunday.
  • Space available for select private events


Li'l Ed
Tammy Savoy
Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root
Michael McDermott and Heather Horton
Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins
The Brubeck Brothers
The Famous Nonny Burger
Hey Nonny Entrance 10 S. Vail Ave.
Outdoor dining
Hey Nonny Bar