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Coarse Culture is a self-care brand on a mission to provide products that allow its customers to achieve higher levels of self-esteem and self-confidence. Its signature product is a universal Whipped Shea Butter that is made without artificial ingredients, preservatives, harsh chemicals, alcohols, cruelty, or sulfates. Shea butter is the fatty extract of the shea nut tree indigenous to Africa. Its high vitamin concentration improves the skin's natural barrier while providing a multitude of benefits and uses. Because Coarse Culture's Whipped Shea Butter is all-natural and plant-based, it's safe for the entire family to use, and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Benefits: heals inflammation and irritation, vitamin rich, no artificial ingredients, seals in moisture, restores skin elasticity
Uses: moisturizes skin, treats scars, reduces stretch marks, eczema relief, tattoo care, natural spf

Coarse Culture believes that self-care is essential to boosting confidence and maintaining your well being. Become a Culture Member and join a community of individuals dedicated to self-improvement. Culture Members get access to exclusive deals and promo campaigns!
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  • Black Owned Business
  • Women Led Business
  • Community Focused Business
  • All-Natural, Plant-Based, Vegan, Sustainable Product
  • Pure and Safe For Sensitive Skin, Safe for All Ages


Coarse Culture Leadership Team: VaLanDria Smith-Lash & Valencia Brennan
Fluffly, Whipped Texture! Fast Absorption!
Made with Love!
Restore, Moisturize & Protect!
Safe for all skin types and ages.