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Eco-Friendly Alternative to Fire Cremation for Humans and Pets – Leaving Net Zero Emissions

Cremation by Water, also known as Alkaline Hydrolysis or Aquamation, is an alternative method for both humans and pets. It mirrors Mother Nature's natural process of decomposition of organic material reducing to its most basic building blocks in hours instead of years or decades. The flameless process uses a solution of 95% water and 5% salts to reduce a body to liquid and bone. The safe sterilized liquid, also known as grey water, is routed to the wastewater treatment center. The bone fragments are dried and processed into a fine powder like substance similar to fire-based ash remains. With over 90% energy savings when compared to fire-based cremation, this is truly the safer and greener choice for the air we all share and the planet we leave behind.

When we speak, ask us why the process is gentle.

If you are interested in tour, we would be delighted to show you our sterile space. What we do matters and how we do it is dignified and honors those we are entrusted with.

Water cremation is GREEN only when it furthers legitimate environmental and societal aims such as protecting worker health, reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and preserving habitat.

Families reaches out to learn more, tour our facility, preplanning end of life or changing from burial or flame cremation to an earth friendly water cremation. Other people reach out because they are looking for an alternative for their pet.
If you know someone looking to plan for their end of life in a dignified manner, we can be off assistance (24/7). Not only do we have a Human division, but we also have a pet division.


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